Playoff Format

8.0 Tie-breaking Rules and Playoff Format

8.1 Team standings for playoffs are based on their points in the final standings. Teams will be ranked from first to last in their Category according to the number of points earned (i.e. 3 points for win, 2 points for shootout win, 1 point for a shootout loss and 0 points for loss). The tie breaking formula for playoffs will be as follows:

a) the team with the best record between the two teams;

b) the team with more wins;

c) the team with least loses;

d) the team with the best goals for minus goals against;

e) coin toss.


8.2 During the year-end playoff tournament, if teams are still tied after round robin play. The tie breaking formula in point 8.1 should be used (excluding e.) If teams are still tied after (a) through (d) then a 5 man shoot out will occur to decide which team moves on

8.3 The playoff format for each season will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting

8.4 At the end of the season, the following three player awards will be chosen, Regular Season Most Valuable Player, Regular Season most valuable goaltender, Playoff MVP. Players must participate in 5 regular season games during the league year to be considered for the awards.

8.5 The award winners will be chosen by three selected members of the executive forming the awards committee. They shall cast their votes on the two regular season awards before the start of the playoff tournament. They shall make an effort to recognize the regular season award winners at their last game for the league year (which could be the playoffs) The playoff MVP award winner will be acknowledged at the end of the Championship game prior to the trophy being handed out to the winning team.