Team Registration Rules

3.0 Registration of Teams

3.1 All ABPRHL teams must enter league with a minimum of fourteen (14) and no more than twenty-four (24) players.

3.2 The coach and the manager shall be responsible for ensuring all players on their team satisfies the registration rules to play for that team. Disciplinary action will be taken against team officials and/ or ineligible players for not properly ensuring that all players on their team satisfy the registration rules.

3.3 All teams within the jurisdiction of the ABPRHL must register in accordance with procedures, rules and regulations as established by the registration standing committee.

3.4 New clubs looking for admittance into the ABPRHL will need to present their application no later than January 15th for the upcoming season.

3.5 A non-refundable league entry fee of $1000 shall be submitted upon application to join the league by all new clubs; which will then be allocated in the following way: $500 will be used to cover a portion of the applicants league fees, upon successful entry, for the first year and $500 will be split equally amoung the current Members.

3.6 The Members shall meet via conference call, in person or by other acceptable means, to discuss the application, and will provide provisional acceptance or a denial of application to the Board.

3.7 During the next assembled Special League Meeting the applicant will be invited to present their application to the current Members. After receipt of application the Members shall vote in accordance with the by-laws.

3.8 If the current Members approve the applicant’s admission then the new Member shall immediately pay the balance of the current seasons league fees and submit a preliminary roster upon request of either the Board or the Members.  

3.9 Member Clubs must pay league fees by April 15th