Suspensions and Appeals

9.0 Suspensions

9.1 All Suspensions will follow the minimum Suspension guidelines laid out by Roller Hockey Canada

9.2 Longer suspensions may be dealt, as the RHC Suspension guidelines are only suggested minimums.

9.3 Fighting will not be condoned in ABPRHL. The first fighting major will result in an automatic 2 game suspension. If a player incurs a second fighting major in a single season it will result in suspension for the remainder of the season up to and including playoffs.

9.4 All discipline decisions will be handled by the discipline committee. The Committee will be run by the League President and include the Referee-in-Chief as well as a 3rd member selected by the president

9.5 When a major penalty is called that player is required to leave the game.  The team that took the infraction is not required to put a player in the penalty box.  They will be short-handed for the 4 minutes regardless of how many goals the opposition scores.  At any time the penalized team can put a player in the box during a stoppage of play. This player would be eligible to return to the floor at the expiration of the penalty.  If the penalized team decides not to put someone in the box and the penalty expires they will remain shorthanded until the next stoppage of play.

9.6 Players suspended in any other recreational league in Alberta will not carry over into the Alberta Pro Roller Hockey League

9.7 Players that are suspended in any sanctioned national/international events, those suspensions will be enforced in the ABPRHL. (A list of sanctioned events will be posted on the website by February 1st of that year)


10.0 Protests and Appeals

10.1 All protests (dealing with game procedure) and appeals (dealing with discipline decision and suspension) to the AB Pro Roller Hockey League shall be resolved by the ABPRHL.

10.2 Appeals

a) An appeal must be submitted in writing to the Vice-President within twenty-four (24) hours of the game(s), incident or decision in question, and must be accompanied by $250.00 cash or E-Transfer which shall be refunded if the protest is upheld. Otherwise, the monies shall revert to the general fund.

b) An appeal must contain a clear and concise summary of the grounds for the appeal with particular reference(s) to the rule(s) or regulation(s) that have been violated. The Vice-President hears and acts on all appeals.

10.3 Appeal Hearings

a) Hearings shall be held as soon as possible within 3 days of receiving the appeal.

b) The Vice-President, shall form a three person Appeals Committee, and:

  1. relative to each appeal, shall restrict the persons attending the hearing or providing input to the parties involved, the coaches involved or any persons representing any party or coach involved, or such other persons as the Vice-President may determine and,
  2. Shall render the decision, in writing, indicating the violation of rule(s) and the penalty being imposed, within forty-eight (48) hours following the hearing of the appeal and forward copies of its decision to all parties, and to the League Secretary.
  3. The decision by the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding.

10.4 Protests

a) All protests must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary within twenty-four (24) hours following the game and must be accompanied by $200.00 cash or E-transfer, which shall be refunded if the protest is upheld. Otherwise, the monies shall revert to the general fund.

b) A referee’s decision cannot be protested, unless an improper interpretation of the playing rules was made.

c) All protests must contain a clear and concise summary of the protest or appeal with particular reference to the rules and/or regulations, which have been violated.

d) All protests must be in writing and signed by the team official who signed the game sheet.

e) The decision of the President shall be final and binding.