Operational Rules

5.0 Rules and Regulations

5.1 AB Pro Roller Hockey League shall be entitled to adopt such rules and regulations not in conflict with the Bylaws as it may from time to time determine.

5.2 League games and playoff games must be played as scheduled. No exceptions will be allowed. In the case of an emergency, the League Board of Directors will deal with situations that arise.

5.3 Teams that do not have enough players to field a team (less than 8 players) or that default a game during league play or playoffs will be subject to a fine of $500.  $250 will go into the leagues general fund and $250 to the team that did not default.

5.4 Fines imposed by the playing facility for damage or disregard of rules will be paid by the league and collected from the offending team.  Fines must be settled prior to next game.

5.5 Any team or individual whose conduct is found to be detrimental to the league, may be suspended indefinitely.

5.6 Photo I.D. may be requested for identity purposes. Failure to produce the requested identification may result in suspension from the game.

5.7 No game shall start without a goalie.  If no goalie is available rule 5.3 will be in effect.  Teams will be given 10 minutes to dress a goalie if one is not available at puck drop time.  The offending team will be subject to a delay of game penalty and lose their time out.