Updated Format for 2020 League Playoffs

By AB Pro Admin-Tuesday 10 Mar 2020

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting on February 22nd many items were brought up and addressed, age eligibility, league playing rules, player and team movements. Great discussions were had and the majority of these issues were resolved. The annual discussion on playoff format was another hot topic. The member clubs decided that it would be best to keep teams playoff hopes alive as long as possible throughout the season. All parties felt that adding an extra game in the playoffs would generate an interesting dynamic by allowing the 5th place team that one last chance to get back into the hunt.

Heres the breakdown on how the 2020 playoff tournament will work.

  • Playoffs will take place over July 17-19 weekend. 
  • 2 day Round Robin Tournament 
  • Semi-Finals and Finals on Sunday
  • 1st place after the round robin tournament gains a bye into the finals
  • 2nd and 3rd place teams play in the Semi-Final game


  • Friday night will consist of two games 4th vs 5th elimination game and 2nd vs 3rd Round Robin
  • Saturday will have a total of 5 games that day with 1st place from the season playing first in the morning slot and the last slot on Saturday night
  • Sunday morning will be the Semi-Final game between the teams who finish 2nd and 3rd in RR play
  • The 1st place team after RR will be waiting in the afternoon game to see who can take home the trophy

The league executive as well as the member clubs are all extremely excited about this format for 2020. We  believe we have the right playoff formula to maximize the players and fans enjoyment. Stay tuned for the Regular Season Schedule release in mid April