AB Pro League Welcomes 6th Franchise

By Aaron Glenn-Monday 18 Mar 2019

On March 16th the five current owners and their management teams gathered in Red Deer to discuss the possibility of adding a 6th franchise for the 2019 season. Caden Shybunka the Predators Team Captain and Representative presented his application and the case for joining the league. After some discussion the president Daryl Blackmore called for the vote on the Red Deer Predators application, it was accepted and the five member clubs welcomed the newest AB Pro team. The six member clubs now moved onto the next stages of planning for the 2019 season. Tryouts, exhibition, budgets, policy updates, etc.

Daryl Blackmore commented “This will be a good move for the league as it will bring more balacnce to the schedule and it will allow for less travel for the Southern Conference Teams. I’m very excited to get the games underway in 2019”

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