Additional League Rules

These League Rules are in addition to the Roller Hockey Canada Rule Book


7.0 Regular/Playoff Game Rules and Format

7.1 Home team must supply 4 league approved pucks

7.2 Teams will be given 5 minutes to warm-up prior the start of the game

7.3 Visiting team must always put their stick down first on the faceoff dot

7.4 Home team will retain last change privileges for line matching throughout the entire game

7.5 Teams will defend the zone away from their benches for periods 1 & 2. They will defend the zone closest to their bench for periods 3 & 4

7.6 Games will be 90 minutes in length

7.7 Games will be played with four 12-minute stop time periods, 2 minute breaks in between periods and a 5 minute break between half time

7.8 Face offs on penalties will go all the way to the offending teams zone

7.9 Puck out of play; regardless who it goes off of the faceoff stays in the zone

7.10 Mercy Rule: If there is more than an 8-goal spread for the last two periods the clock will become run time. If the goal differential becomes less than 8 goals then the clock will revert back to stop time

7.11 Penalty Times: Minor Penalties will be 1:30 and Major Penalties will be 4:00

7.12 Regular season and Playoff games that end in a tie will proceed to a shootout. Each team will select 3 shooters. The home team will determine who shoots first

7.13 In a year-end tournament format all round robin games that end in a tie will proceed to shootout. All playoff semi-final and final games will be decided by 12-minute sudden death 4 on 4 periods.

7.14 After the first week of June all league games will be scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sundays